Why you need a tax attorney

While family issues or litigation make good entertainment on television, in books or movies, they are rare. The major concern in every estate, big or small, is tax. All estate plans contain tax provisions. Many are drafted specifically to take advantage of particular tax circumstances to benefit the family and beneficiaries of the estate plan, whether using a will or trust. If not expertly used, the intended benefits of this planning may not be realized and taxes paid either by the estate or beneficiaries unnecessarily.

Are you a trustee or Executor?
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A Successor Trustee administers a trust when the original Trustees are no longer able. This could be because of incapacity or death. If your loved one has a will, then the court appoints you as Executor, as part of the probate process. Both positions require expert legal help to guide your family through the maze of Federal, State and tax law.

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We represent families in estate planning and then provide legal and tax assistance in administering estates and trusts. Our firm’s philosophy is that any qualified individual can administer an estate, simple or complex, with the right help. We can guide your Executor or Trustee through the administrative process, making sure your family’s wishes are followed. Even if we did not draft the estate plan, or it was drafted out of state, we can still provide the legal and tax guidance an Executor or Trustee needs.